MIT CYCLE SOURCING LTD. was founded in December 2010 with great enthusiasm for specific bicycle development and manufacturing.  20 years of technical and manufacturing experiences stimulate typical bike designing sensation.  Derived from proficient bike assembly basis, positive attitudes and rich experiences steady the position of MIT in folding bike development field .


Immersing himself in the field of bicycle for the past 20 years, General Manager Mr. Madison Wang decided to have his second brand –ProVidence in 2010, besides the first one – “FLAMINGO”.  15 years of experience with OEM & ODM making Mr. Wang dares to challenge toughest tasks from all over the world. 

MIT CYCLE is specialized in folding bikes and all kinds of customized items.   Although the company has been established not long, our experienced team is ready and able to complete every mission timely & successfully.  The ultimate goal is to supply our client good quality of products with reasonable price.  Win-win strategy is always our top business policy. 


The creative symbol of ProVidence brand originates from the wheel sprocket and spokes of bicycles, a matching combination with the spirit of bikes and indomitable concept of the leader, convey the unwavering spirit of this new brand. 


All members in MIT CYCLE firmly believe reliable quality, responsible attitudes and credible reputation play the most critical roles among international trades.  These principles direct the successful accesses to our distinctive products.  Resolute belief of MIT- “Rolling stone gathers no moss”.  Persistent studies on bike mechanism boost creative energy on every product MIT develops.  Our company MIT, the symbol honors any superior quality products Made In Taiwan, is definitely reliable choice for product development and order commitment.